Welcome, & Thank You for coming along.

The short version:

There are blogs and vlogs about my thoughts and things.

Food and design, as I’m a creative being.

Truly and surely

Above any  other matter,
I am the light,

The light I am.

The longer version 😉

I tell stories, and as you can see, I love rhyme. My first published book  (Piyar & Soleil: In The Realm of Vintascia) is chock full of them, verse after rhyming verse.

I’ve been known to leave people feeling really good after a simple conversation, and those same love vibes get strewn into my words in b/vlogs.

Talking is also a joy, and also fun as lucky me, I get paid for this voice. 😉

I spent numerous years in the fitness and nutrition industry, learning so much, and then I threw it all away and made up my own rules.

My most favorite things to do that make my heart flutter, (re)design clothes, cook and share bits of things I’ve learned (and unlearned).

I eat real food, plant-based, and at any given time you can catch me creating something or other. Grabbing pinches of this, slices of that, tasting, imaging, adding…I design in the very same way- not so structured anymore, just fun…

Playing with food is like designing clothes, is like making love – it all just is that, love.

I play, I meditate, I swear, I freak out, I synch my body and mind through yoga, I read, I travel. I love. I love to love. I am that person that actually loves love.



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