2020 The New Earth, A Time Travelers’ Tale

“One scorching midsummers’ day, back in 2015, a few friends take to the beach for relief. Preferring to catch some extra rays, Nathan opts to remain on the beach, whilst his friends go for a dip. Little did he know, that by not stepping into the water with them, he would be stepping into the not so distant future, a mere five years ahead, into our now 2020.* Nathan’s sojourn takes place over the half hour his friends are in the water, though his experience lasts two days in the same “time”** frame. A tale about freedom, love, peace, and perhaps above all, personal sovereignty that might challenge you, wake and shake you, make you laugh and cry…no matter who you are, what age or gender, race or religion, young or old, you are bound to be touched.”


In beautifully synchonistic fashion, this book landed in my lap(top), back in February. I devoured it, and shared it with a few people.

Come lockdown due to the corona plannedemic, I pulled it out of the pocket of my mind during an intense conversation with a friend. In sending it to him, I started to read it again, first in my mind, then aloud, and it came to me that I need to record this as it so resonated with what was happening in the world…or in my world.

Author, “Bauchi,” (Jesus Urlauber), was also thrilled with the idea, so I jumped on it.

Since it’s recent English audio release,  (it was written in mid July 2015 right after Nathan’s travelling through time experience, and released via ebook, and audio on youtube in German), and revival, the English version of the book now sits with a publisher, ready to make it worldwide debut 🙂

If you want to just skip ahead and hear the book, which I see as a brilliant love based manuscript for the way forward in these fast changing times, listen on in here:

It’s done in 13 parts, though if you wish for a more clean version, that’ll be up soon too.


I’ve suggested to others that we create what is known as “The Great Mumbling,” in part 7 of the book. There were 3 Days and 3 Nights of darkness, after people started to take to their webcams/devices, to record and share what they were going through during the time of shift before (most of) the collective ascended, in late 2015.

If you feel like you’d be up for sharing anything whether you’ve ever made a video or not, do please get in touch. If we can get enough people spreading love, being honest and open, really talking (whatever they wish to), but really from the heart, we can, together, snowball ourselves into an avalanche, triggering real positive change.


Lots of love and looking forward to creating the new earth together with You.

♥ ☮∞

#2020Thenewearth #ascension #bethechange #letlovelead



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